Top 4 Reasons To Love Being In A Direct Support Position

If you're in the job market and searching for a new position where you can grow your career and find fulfillment, one of the best positions to consider is direct support with Westside Community Focus! We provide support to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and our team loves what they do! Here are four reasons to love working as a member of our team.

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Clients Are Wonderful

One of the top reasons that people find working on our team so fulfilling is because our clientele is wonderful to work with! Whether it's having fun with the clients or receiving gratitude from them, our team consistently reports having positive experiences and growing positive relationships with them. These positive relationships are a top reason our team members enjoy working with us.

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Making A Difference

Of course, making a difference in the lives of our clients and the community as a whole goes hand in hand with growing positive client relationships. That's another reason why our team members love working with Westside Community Focus and why they feel valued and fulfilled in their professional careers.

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Treated with Respect

Another part of the positive experiences our team members have in their careers is that they are treated with respect by both clients and Westside Community Focus staff! When you are valued and respected in your position, it makes sense that you'll love coming to work and doing your best throughout your career.

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Making Meaningful Connections With People

Last, but certainly not least, our team members find fulfillment in making meaningful connections with people in their positions. By helping clients, their families, and fellow team members, our employees build connections that offer companionship, fulfillment, and more!

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