Why Working For Westside Community Focus Is Great For College Students

Are you a college student looking for a new career path? Westside Community Focus is a wonderful college job for students in the Oregon area for those looking to work with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities! At Westside Community Focus, we have created a supportive and engaging environment that makes it easy to feel fulfilled by your job.

For college students interested in working part time with us at Westside Community Focus, we offer flexible hours, entry-level positions for students, learning opportunities about the social work field, and growth opportunities. If these benefits are the right fit for you during your college experience, please view our career opportunities!

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Part-Time Work Options

We understand that college students are often in need of a career that offers them part-time work options. When pursuing higher education, students need a lot of time to study, attend classes, and keep up with social life on campus. Westside Community Focus has careers that offer this part-time flexibility, making us a great place to work for college students who aren't looking for a full-time career just yet.

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Flexible Schedules

Westside Community Focus not only knows that college students need jobs that offer flexibility, we prioritize it! We'll work with you to make sure your work schedule works for you. Finding the right college job requires you to find a place that values your work-life balance, respecting that you have many other obligations on your schedule. This is why we offer so much flexibility with our scheduling. The traditional 40-hour work week won't work for most students who have classes, clubs, and study groups to attend each day, and our staff believes that you shouldn't have to choose between these important experiences and your career. We are always happy to work with the ideal schedule for you when you work with Westside Community Focus!

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Entry Level Positions Available

If you don't have experience assisting adults with developmental disabilities, don't worry! At Westside Community Focus we are happy to teach you how to work in any of our open roles and how to advocate for adults with disabilities. We value teachability in people seeking a college job in our community. This environment makes our workplace engaging and supportive, because not only are we invested in helping young professionals get their start, but we also value personal development in every role. Explore our available positions!

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Learn About the Social Work Field

Westside Community Focus is a great place to learn more about social work through a wide variety of new career opportunities. Our workplace offers different types of positions for students, such as a group home direct care employee, giving you the chance to learn about how our roles differ, and what it takes to be successful in social work. In our available roles, you will learn skills such as maintaining accurate documentation, assisting clients with identified needs and goals, monitoring and documenting medication administration, and supervising clients regarding their health and safety. Working with us gives you the hands-on experience you need to help you advance in your career path!

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Room for Advancement

When you apply for a college job at Westside Community Focus, you can trust that there is room for you to grow. As your skills and knowledge continue to advance, our residential support facility will support your journey in the social work field, whether that's with Westside Community Focus, or beyond. Our opportunities for growth include management and coordinator-level roles in a rewarding and challenging field.

Are you ready to start a new, meaningful career path? Apply today for the perfect job for college students!